Certified Pre-Owned Benefits at Our Springfield Hyundai Dealership

February 12th, 2020 by

Carefully Curated Selection

The automotive professionals at the Springfield Hyundai dealership in Philadelphia carefully select the Hyundai models that will be considered for Certified Pre-Owned Status. Only late-model, low-mileage vehicles are even eligible for consideration. Even Hyundai models that meet these criteria may not be selected for consideration after their preliminary inspection. This is the first quality assurance step of the Certified Pre-Owned process at the Springfield Hyundai dealership. After the vehicles are selected, the next step is a thorough inspection of over 100 points and a painstaking reconditioning process carried out by our technicians.

At Springfield Hyundai, we’re much more than just the average used car dealership in Philadelphia. Visit us today to check out our carefully curated Inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.

All of Our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Inspected & Reconditioned
The second step of the certification process at the Springfield Hyundai dealership in Philadelphia is an inspection and the repair and reconditioning of any part that is in less-than-perfect condition. Only technicians who are certified by Hyundai can perform this inspection. Thankfully, all of the techs who work at our Hyundai dealership are properly factory-certified.

The inspection our techs perform is comprised of over 100 separate checks. If there is any blemish or non-functioning part, we’ll find it and fix it up. Only after the thorough reconditioning are Hyundai vehicles certified at our dealership in Philadelphia.

Instead of settling for the standard used cars for sale in Philadelphia, go with one of the top-notch Certified Pre-Owned models at the Springfield Hyundai dealership.

The CPO Models at The Springfield Hyundai Dealership Are Warranty-Backed

The defining characteristic of our Certified Pre-Owned vehicles is their Warranty. This limited warranty covers the most important and expensive parts of the vehicle. The exact specifications of this warranty may vary from car to car, so prospective car buyers should ask the staff at our Hyundai dealership about the details.

Get more info on the warranties that back the CPO vehicles at our dealership in Philadelphia. See what makes them superior to the standard used cars in Philadelphia.

Convenient Financing

Some used car dealerships in Philadelphia may offer quality vehicles, but they make financing a real pain. At the Springfield Hyundai dealership, we strive to both offer premium vehicles and to make financing a breeze. Our website even has a financing Pre-Approval Application that allows our drivers to get the financing process started themselves.

Drivers looking at used cars for sale in Philadelphia may have been put off by disreputable financing practices. Come into the Springfield Hyundai dealership’s Finance Center today to see what sets us apart.

Visit the Springfield Hyundai Dealership in Philadelphia Today

Drivers in Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE and elsewhere in the Springfield, PA area can visit the Springfield Hyundai dealership in Philadelphia today to find the finest Certified Pre-Owned vehicles in the area. If you’re looking for used cars in Philadelphia, set your sights a little higher. Springfield Hyundai has a wide selection of warranty-backed Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We are much more than just the standard used car dealership in Philadelphia.

Set an appointment through our website to test-drive one of our Certified Pre-Owned models today.