How To Adjust Hyundai Car Clock

As the seasons change, it is time to set your clocks forward or backward. Even though changing the time on your home clocks and analog watches may be simple, some people have difficulty adjusting their Hyundai clock.

Note that the clock adjustment instructions will vary based on the model and year of your Hyundai car. The following instructions are specific to recent models. The car radio has been replaced by a digital touchscreen display in modern Hyundai vehicles. Clock/Time buttons on these cars are usually hard to find. But this guide will show you how to adjust the Hyundai car clock both in the older and newer models. Keep reading!

How to Change the Clock Manually on an Older Hyundai

A touchscreen display is not available on older models of Hyundai vehicles. So for changing the time, you must find the appropriate buttons. It is a reasonable place to start with the following process:

  • The first step is to locate the clock in your car (it may be higher on the dash or below the gear shift).
  • The next step is to look around the clock for small buttons.
  • Most recent Hyundai models without touch screens will have two nearby buttons to advance the hour and minute. Some models have a rotating dial for that, but most have two nearby buttons.
  • The pair of buttons usually changes the hour when you press the top one. The hour may be labeled “H”. Then click through until the time you desire appears.
  • The lower button usually changes the minutes. Minutes may be labeled “M”. It’s as simple as clicking through until you reach the minute you want.

How to Change the Time on a Newer Hyundai

The following guidelines apply to newer Hyundai with either a touchscreen or DIS touch system:

For a Touchscreen System

  • To begin, locate the SETUP button and press it.
  • Next, click the clock icon.
  • To set a fixed or custom time, navigate between GPS Time and Time Format.
  • When setting the time manually, use the arrows displayed to adjust Month, Day, Year, Hour, Min, and AM or PM.

When Used with the DIS Touch System

  • To begin, find and press the “Home” button.
  • The next process is to press the settings icon i.e., gear.
  • Select the clock from the settings menu.
  • Change the time either by a set time or manually by selecting GPS Time or Time Format in the clock menu.

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