How To Change Engine Oil For Hyundai Cars

Performing periodic maintenance on your Hyundai car’s engine is crucial to ensuring that it is always running in good condition. The simplest way to ensure this is to follow the service schedule recommended by the Hyundai car manufacturer.

Your car’s engine will be in great shape if you replace and top up the engine oil on a regular basis. The consequences of not changing your oil regularly can be numerous, from reduced fuel economy to engine damage to total engine failure. To maintain the health of your engine, learn how to change engine oil for Hyundai cars.

Guide on How to Change Engine Oil for Hyundai Cars

Engine oil should be replaced according to the Hyundai’s manufacturer’s recommendation.  Make sure you replace the oil filter every time you replace the engine oil. The oil may need to be changed even before the scheduled time if you rev the car too much.

During the course of use, your brand-new Hyundai car engine oil’s color changes from golden brown to light black. The engine oil should be changed before it turns completely black and thick to prevent sludge formation.

Step 1: While engine oil flush is not necessary, it’s better to use one if the oil has been sitting for a long time and has turned black and thick.

Step 2: The engine oil flush should be poured into the oil filler cap after the oil filler cap is removed. After starting the engine, let it run at idle for five minutes. Let the oil drain back to the sump after you turn off the engine for about two minutes.

Step 3: Make sure the dipstick is removed to prevent vacuum buildup. By removing the sump nut, you can drain the oil from the oil pan under your car. You need to wait about 15 minutes for the oil to drain completely.

Step 4: Use the wrench to remove the engine oil filter. You should keep the pan below the place where the filter is located to prevent oil spills.

Step 5: Tighten the sump nut by hand with the new crush washer.

Step 6: To install the new filter, rub the new engine oil around the seal by hand. Then, screw it into place on the engine block. You can secure it in place with a quarter-turn by hand once it is snugly fitted.

Step 7: In accordance with the car’s service manual, remove the oil filler cap and fill the engine with the right amount of oil. The amount of engine drain should be estimated in the absence of the service manual. Continue adding it in small doses until it reaches its full level.

Step 8: Tighten the oil filler cap. The dipstick should also be inserted back into its place and the engine hood should be closed.


If you are unsure about accomplishing this task all by yourself, you can go to your local Hyundai service center and have the experts change your Hyundai Car’s engine oil for you.