How To Change Hyundai Headlights

Every vehicle should have a good set of headlights. They make vehicles visible to other drivers on the road and assist them in reaching their destinations safely. It is why keeping your headlights functioning is important, so make sure they are both working at all times.

You should replace these headlight bulbs immediately if you notice one has burned out. This is an extremely easy piece of work that could prevent you from getting a traffic ticket, and you should not delay doing it.

You can easily replace your vehicle’s headlights once you find out how to change Hyundai headlights from Springfield Hyundai no matter what type of new vehicle you have.

Guide to Changing Hyundai Headlights

Step 1: Select the correct headlight bulb

It is important to check your owner’s manual for the type of bulb required for your vehicle. You will also be able to follow the instructions for replacing the bulb specific to your vehicle.

Step 2: Make sure your vehicle is off

Ensure you turn off your Hyundai car. It’s for your safety.

Step 3: Get your tools together

For the proper replacement of your light bulb, you will need a few items including a new light bulb, alcohol wipes, tissue, and a screwdriver. You can begin once you have these items.

Step 4: Identify the headlight holder

Changing your headlight bulb requires access to the engine compartment. You can do this by opening your vehicle’s hood and looking for the headlight. A power connector will be located inside the bulb holder near the front of the vehicle.

Step 5: Unplug the wires

There are typically three wires attached to the power connector. In most cases, metal clips, plastic catchers, or screw caps hold them in place. When the plastic catch on your car is located at the top, you must press down on it and pull it out. Remove the metal clips if there are any. Screw caps are unscrewed by rotating them counterclockwise.

Step 6: Take out the old bulb

Using a screwdriver, take out the bulb and headlight holder after disconnecting the wires.

Step 7: Change the bulb

Handle the new bulb with a tissue so you don’t get oil on it from your hands. Wipe it with an alcohol wipe and handle it with an alcohol wipe. The new bulb should be inserted into the plug’s base. Plug in the power wires after putting the holder back in place.

Step 8: Make sure it works

When you have finished the job, turn your headlights on to ensure you did it correctly. Follow the steps again if it doesn’t work or seek professional assistance.

Let Springfield Hyundai Help

The replacement of your headlight is not a difficult task, but sometimes you need to perform additional maintenance and service on your vehicle as well. Do contact Springfield Hyundai’s service center when this occurs. If you need assistance getting your vehicle back into working order, our expert team will be happy to help. Make an appointment today by contacting us or visiting our website to learn more about our service specials.