How To Connect Bluetooth Devices To A Hyundai Car

Connecting a Bluetooth device to your vehicle is an easy way to get more out of your car. In newer Hyundais, the process of Bluetooth connection to the vehicle is made as simple as possible. However, the process is different depending on the model and year of manufacture of your vehicle. Generally speaking, you can easily connect a Bluetooth device to your Hyundai vehicle using the following steps:

Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

Pairing a Bluetooth device to your Hyundai couldn’t be simpler. This is especially so in the newer models, where the process has been made to be as intuitive as possible. This means that even if you are using the car for the first time, chances are that you won’t have a difficult time pairing any Bluetooth device to the vehicle as long as they are compatible. The steps to achieving these include:

  • Make sure that your device is compatible with the vehicle. Most Bluetooth devices are compatible with Hyundai vehicles, but it’s good to check your car users’ manual to find workaround ways for gadgets that are not compatible.
  • On the vehicle’s infotainment system screen, press the “Setup” button which is located near the LCD display controls. This will show a “Settings” menu in which you can select the Bluetooth icon. in the Bluetooth menu, choose the “Connection” menu item and then “Add New”. At this point, make sure that the Bluetooth device is on and in pairing mode.
  • On the infotainment system or on the device itself, choose the corresponding device name. In the case of a phone, you may require a pass key to complete the process. The vehicle will generate the passkey which you will then enter on the Bluetooth connection settings in your phone to complete the connection.
  • The vehicle infotainment system will confirm that the pairing is a success. In the case of a phone, your contacts may be downloaded onto the vehicle’s database for easier hands-free driving. If you prefer your phone to be the priority device for the car’s auto connection system, a prompt regarding this will show up and you need to select “Yes”.
  • Depending on the vehicle and the phone, extra security steps might be needed to complete the pairing.

This is the general method of pairing a Bluetooth device to your vehicle if it has this capability. If you need more information, you can refer to your car’s user manual or go online and visit the Hyundai Bluetooth and Multimedia Support website.

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