How To Replace Car Batteries For Hyundai Cars

It is necessary to replace the battery in your Hyundai key fob once in a while when it runs low or stops working. Besides starting the vehicle, the battery also keeps the engine running, powers all the electronic components, and powers the lights.

However, if your car battery needs to be replaced, you may wonder how to do it yourself. Although removing a car battery isn’t difficult, it can be dangerous, so follow safety protocols when doing so. Learn how to replace car batteries for Hyundai cars properly in this guide from Springfield Hyundai.

When is a Car Battery Replacement Necessary?

You should be aware of the following warning signs:

  • Headlights dimming
  • Engine revving is frequent
  • Jump starts are needed frequently
  • Taking longer for the engine to start when the key is turned on or a button is pushed
  • Changes in power

Your battery might also need to be replaced sooner if it has been subjected to the following things:

  • Heat
  • Rough roads cause vibrations
  • Jumpstarts

Keeping an eye on your owner’s manual or maintenance schedule will give you an idea of how long your battery will last.

Procedure to Replace Car Batteries for Hyundai Cars

There is some difference in the process based on whether you drive an older or newer Hyundai model. But the differences are not too stark. The steps are as follows:

  • Hyundai models with new key fobs open differently. Using a metal tab or button, remove the metal key first. By inserting the metal key into the small opening and turning it either way, you can access the back cover of your key fob. It should pop open easily.
  • You will find a small notch or indentation along the side of your Hyundai key fob if you drive an older model. To open the key fob, turn it in either direction with a coin or a flat-blade screwdriver.
  • You can now access the battery by lifting the circuit board of your key fob.
  • Make sure to check out the battery type of your key fob and purchase a replacement. The majority of Hyundai key fobs are driven by CR2032 batteries. Batteries like these are cheap and easy to find in Hyundai service centers or online.
  • Replace your old key fob battery with the new one you have purchased for your Hyundai key fob. Make sure all of the appropriate connections are made with the battery.

Visit the Hyundai Service Center at Springfield Hyundai

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Moreover, during your visit, you can take advantage of our service specials and get your Hyundai’s general maintenance schedule performed. Isn’t it time and cost-efficient? Feel free to reach us today!