How To Set Hyundai Cruise Control

Having cruise control on a vehicle is an excellent way for you to safely and easily drive on the freeway or for long journeys. However, setting cruise control is not the same in all vehicles and not all have the same capabilities. If you happen to own a Hyundai, chances are you have one of the best cruise control systems in the world. This guide gives you a breakdown of how to set it and what to expect from it.

Using Hyundai Smart Cruise Control

Smart cruise control has been a feature of Hyundais for the past several years. This means that if you own one that is newer than around 10 years old, chances are that it has a smart cruise control system. This system offers a number of perks including automatically maintaining a safe distance between vehicles without your input, continuous scanning of the traffic to come up with the safest driving dynamics and providing notifications on problems such as when you are straying from your lane. The Hyundai smart cruise control system is set in the following manner:

  • Identify all the buttons on your steering wheel before you start driving. Make sure that you’re familiar with them so that you don’t start having a hard time finding the right button while you are driving at highway speeds.
  • While you are driving, press the cruise control button on your steering wheel. Once activated, the word cruise will be visible on the speedometer icon.
  • Once you have confirmed that the cruise control has been activated, accelerate to the speed at which you want your vehicle to remain. While at this speed press down on the set switch and the vehicle will then automatically cruise at a maximum of the set speed. Please be cognizant of the traffic speed limits in your area as speeding while on cruise control will not excuse you from a legal penalty.
  • Set your following distance by pressing the smart cruise control button. On most Hyundais, it is located to the left of the set switch. Every time you press this button, the following distance will be changed and shown on the infotainment system.
  • To deactivate the cruise control, press the brake pedal or the cruise control button on the steering wheel.

Older Hyundai models may have slightly different methods of activating cruise control and may not have the following distance feature. It is just as easy to set the cruise control on these vehicles, and all you need to do is consult your user’s manual.

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