How To Set Hyundai Tire Pressure

Having the right tire pressure in your Hyundai vehicle is critical to many factors including the safety of the vehicle. The correct tire pressure has an impact on the handling characteristics of the vehicle. It also has an impact on fuel economy. You should do as much as you can to ensure that your car’s tire pressure is optimal at all times. Some of the things you can do to achieve these include:

Assessing the Correct Tire Pressure

To make sure that the tire pressure is correct in your vehicle, you need to develop the following habits:

  • Make sure your tires are rotated as per the guidelines in your car’s user manual.
  • Measure the tire pressure in the morning before starting your car. This will give you the true tire pressure, rather than after driving the car which increases the air temperature within the tires and increases the pressure marginally.
  • Adjust the tire pressure depending on the initial tire pressure that you measured, and also consider the required tire pressure based on the tires you are using.
  • Always be prepared to replace the tires as needed. For instance, attire that has been fixed too many times due to having a slow puncture may not be safe anymore.

Vehicles That Have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Vehicles that are relatively new are likely to have an automated tire pressure monitoring system. You can depend on these to understand the corrected tire pressure in each of your tires at any time. For this to work the following needs to be in place:

  • Only use the tires that are prescribed in your user manual. If you need to buy new tires, it would also be wise to get the same brand as the rest of the tires.
  • After changing the tire pressure in the tires, make sure that the cap fits snugly over the tires’ valves. When replacing the valve caps, make sure that you only use OEM parts for the replacement.
  • Make an effort to calibrate your TPMS system as prescribed in your car user’s manual. You can also take your car to the dealership to have this done if you suspect that the system is malfunctioning.

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