How To Start A Hyundai Hybrid Car

Hyundai Hybrid vehicles are an excellent idea for car buyers interested in getting fuel-efficient vehicles. Over the years, Hyundai has perfected the art of building hybrid vehicles. Today, they are some of the most efficient engines in the market currently. If you currently own a Hyundai Hybrid vehicle, these are a few tips for starting them.

Before You Start the Vehicle

Before starting a Hyundai hybrid vehicle, the following things need to be checked:

  • All occupants should be in the vehicle with their seat belts fastened.
  • Make sure that all electrical accessories including headlights are off.
  • Ensure that the gearbox is in “Park”.
  • The parking brake should be on.

Starting The Vehicle in The Standard Way

Starting a Hyundai hybrid vehicle is not different from starting any other new vehicle and involves the following steps:

  • Press the brake pedal.
  • Push the ignition switch. The key fob should be within the car when you do this.

The above should function as long as the key frequency is not jammed, and the key fob battery is charged. If you have any problems starting the car in the above manner, you might need to troubleshoot this or have it diagnosed by a Hyundai specialist.

What To Do If the Vehicle Can’t Start

If you are unable to start the vehicle in the normal way, there is a workaround you can use to get on your way. This method should not be used as a routine. If the vehicle can’t be started in the normal way, the workaround is used to give you access to the vehicle until you can have the key fob or ignition system fixed. The alternative way to start the vehicle is:

  • Open the storage compartment on the floor console.
  • Find your passive metal key, which is usually located within the key fob. If not, check your user manual to find out where to find the passive key.
  • Insert the passive key in the backup slot found within the floor console storage.
  • With the key in this position, press the brake pedal and then press the engine’s “Start/Stop” button to start the car.

Fast Restarts

Most new Hyundai hybrid vehicles have a fast restart facility. This allows you to restart your vehicle within 20 seconds of switching it off. This works even if the vehicle does not detect the key fog. It works by pressing the brake pedal and pushing the ignition switch within 20 seconds of having switched it off. After 20 seconds, you can only start the vehicle if the key fob is detected.